Contagious Faith Winter Retreat 2019 12.26-28.19

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This Year's Retreat

Contagious Faith

This year’s retreat will be centered around the theme: “Contagious Faith.” Drawing from the story of the four who helped their paralyzed friend reach Jesus (Luke 5:17-26), we believe that God works through the faithfulness of his people in action to reach those who need Jesus. We are building upon the central message of the Gospel that is so important to us with a focus on empowering our students in the truth that active faithfulness is naturally contagious. As we continue to be further rooted in the Gospel message as the only Message for us, our great hope for this year is for our youth to become proactive in their faith in such a way that it is reflected in all those around them — to have a truly Contagious Faith.

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Guest Speaker

Pastor Sam Kim currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Christ Central Presbyterian Church in Centreville, Virginia. Since 1993, he has served within local churches in New Jersey, Chicago and Northern Virginia (as a youth pastor & English Ministry pastor) and globally as a missionary. He and his wife, Alice, have been married for over 18 years and enjoy raising their two wonderful teenage daughters, Olivia and Natalie.


Black Rock Retreat is a non-profit Christian organization that began in 1954. Originally started as a summer camp in Lancaster County, the ministries of Black Rock Retreat have expanded to include year-round retreat facilities and programs; an outdoor education program for Christian, public, and homeschool students; as well as ministering through various team-building indoor and outdoor activities.


Our vision for the Message Retreat so far has always been centered on these two foundational needs: first, a deep desire for our youth to be grounded in a firm understanding of the Gospel, the core message of our faith in Jesus Christ. Second, we wanted to improve relationships between churches in our network for the sake of unity and the fruit that comes from gathering and worshipping together. Through four years now, that vision remains the same, and should not change in the future. But as with this year’s theme of Contagious Faith, we are considering our what comes next. The foundation is there, great. Now what? We long for the Gospel to be good news that is not only heard by our youth, but something that motivates them into action in this world we live in. In that same way, those of us involved in the Message Retreat hope to prayerfully expand our vision to prepare and be ready to act on our next steps as well. We hope you will join us on this journey to witness and take part in what God is doing here.